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Those who have lived for a little while certainly remember great afternoons playing NBA JAM at home with friends.

NBA JAM is a different basketball game. It still has the official licenses of all of the NBA teams, and with the best known players both at the moment and in all of history, the most impressive thing about the game is its style, its explosiveness, and its potential for fun.

Forget the chalkboard and rehearsed plays, here what reigns is show, there are no out of bounds, no rules that keep you from shoving the opponent, and the rules of physics look the other way if you try to dunk from half court.

That's what NBA JAM is about, fun in its purest form on a basketball court. In the 90s what surprised us were the graphics of the time, now, you can enjoy it anywhere thanks to NBA Jam for iPhone and iPod Touch, with sweet graphics, commentaries, unlocked players and an endless number of special moves that will let you enjoy the beauty of it all.

Don't doubt it, you must have NBA JAM in your game catalog.
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